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This Week's Earnings Focus

AZO is anticipated to announce earnings on Tuesday ahead of the bell. AZO is anticipated to bring in $1.62 EPS and $1.35 billion in revenues. They have beaten 2 out with the final 4 earnings, missed one and met one. AZO is run by a wise management group アナスイ ネックレス うさぎ and is owned by Eddie Lampert's hedge fund ESL Investments. AZO has shown historic volatility after earnings and this week should be no exception. Final time they reported on Dec. 4th, the stock surged from a closing cost of $107 to $130 the following day with a http://xn--cckerh7cvi9gta7dec.3colorfashion.com/ sustained run for the duration of intraday trading of $13. AutoZone operates as a specialty retailer and distributor of automotive replacement parts and accessories. There is a thesis that with the recent softness inside the economy and credit crunch, people are アナスイ 長財布 ハイデガー foregoing ordering アナスイ 長財布 ゴールド new autos and putting significantly more effort into spiffing, preserving and fixing the ones they have. AZO includes a high target of $150 along with a low target of $99 by analysts.I count on volatility right after the numbers, I do anticipate them to beat but in addition raise guidance for the year. It is possible to strangle going into the numbers but it is easy to also wait for right after, as it has shown by means of past 豪華な鍵アクセ historical technicals that it moves volatile soon after the numbers also. On Feb. 12, Kevin Dann reported that he believes the rebate checks could have a good effect on the automotive aftermarket retailers because the timing of the checks comes ahead with the http://xn--n8j8jg7fydu693a.theconventionist.com/ Acrylic Fabric, Cotton, Linen, Modacrylic, Olefin, Polyester, Spandex アナスイ ハンドバッグ very important summer driving season. They think AutoZone (AZO) and Pep Boys (PBY) may be the biggest winners. They're expected to bring in $0.21 EPS and revenues of $46.01 million with higher estimates at $48.18 million. The recent Chinese snowstrom could effect CTRP's numbers in the quick term but that is not a basic バレンシアガ 財布 芸能人 situation but a brief バレンシアガ メンズ 服 term anomaly. CTRP doesn't show a large number of gaps in its historical technicals soon after earnings but does show powerful sustained directional movement right after アナスイ バッグ パープル the numbers are released. I'd アナスイ バッグ セール expect the identical right here and playing afterwards might be profitable. I do expect them to beat their numbers and raise for the year because China is going into the バレンシアガ 財布 メンズ Olympics! Following are some analyst thoughts.On Feb. 22nd, Smith Barney Citigroup reported that the Chinese airlines reported healthier targeted traffic in January also saying that the data suggests a limited impact from the snowstorms and continues to advocate taking advantage of current share weakness. They keep a Obtain rating.On Feb. 4th, CTRP was upgraded to buy from Neutral by Goldman Sachs raising the target to $67 from $50. Analyst Leah Hao mentioned, "We count on Ctrip to continue to broaden its leadership position within the アナスイ 時計 travel agency business by taking share from smaller players, leveraging its strong serviceoriented execution, expanding business enterprise aggressively although implementing disciplined price controls. Although the travel business particularly on-line travel is very アナスイ バッグ パープル volatile and may be harmed if China's gross domestic product falls, consolidation will continue and much more http://xn--n8j8jg7fydu693a.wizardofvw.com/ than offset any financial downturn. and China."On Jan 25th, Piper upgraded CTRP to buy from Neutral also citing valuation and sector checks that indicate an acceleration in China internet travel in 2008 (hmm Olympics possibly?). Target to $68 from $63.I like the http://xn--n8j8jg7fydu693a.univabroadsolutions.com/ channel checks (adore GS research) and I just like the ascending triangle on CTRP's chart, I do expect to find out upward movement going into the アナスイ バッグ 年齢 numbers on expectations and technicals.Decked Out In Deckers (DECK)DECK is certainly one of my favorite retail plays for a lengthy time and did not do me wrong when I profited handsomely from final earnings, my members keep in mind. The only predicament is the fact that this time the cat is out of your bag even though it is ideal アナスイ 時計 リボン exactly where it was at final time they reported steller numbers along with the fundamentals say larger. I nevertheless count on them to huge beat and raise but due to the investing cycle, investors aren't rewarding retail plays as considerably at the moment as a result of forward searching concerns about soft consumer spending. DECK is anticipated バレンシアガ Tシャツ レディース to beat the $2.29 EPS consensus and $177.91 million in revenues on Thursday soon after the bell. They've http://xn--n8j8jg7fydu693a.whodidyourweddingvideo.com/ handily beat the last four occasions they announced and I do not recognize why analysts are so conservative apart from the recent analyst comment from Wedbush. Everywhere I go I see men and women wearing Uggs (reminds me in the iPod), they are regarded real hip by the younger free spending demographic customer and DECK's management is brilliant. I like DECK's item portfolio and price tag points, as does my wife, who really turned me on to their winter catalog before their last earnings get in touch with. I had to wait 2 weeks just before I could get some Uggs for my wife and children's Uggs were fully sold out before Christmas. It is also a global アナスイ 浴衣 2012 story with billions of feet.DECK has a higher target of $180, as well as a low of $117 from analysts. DECK features a beautiful float for volatility at 12.48 million shares and also a 20% short interest (resulting from brief sellers looking to cash in around the CROX thesis and customer weakness thesis) with a バレンシアガ バッグ 2013 5.2 brief ratio. Do not believe the pessimism. DECK trailing P/E is at 36 however revenue development (YoY) is 57% and quarterly earnings growth (YoY) is at 86%. Case closed for my bullish thesis in my opinion on a basic basis. Here are the analyst comments:On Feb. 21st, Wedbush expects DECK to handily beat the $2.29 consensus estimate subsequent Wednesday on strong Ugg sales. Their estimate is $2.69. Wedbush reiterates a Get rating and $144 target.On Jan. 29th, Lazard maintained its Decide to purchase rating having a $180 target saying they think Ugg demand is accelerating with every delivery. (um this is right after xmas best?)I do count on a gap up because of 梨花 バレンシアガ Tシャツ the stock charateristics and also a earnings beat. I do expect them to raise and be bullish about company prospects going forward, if they do that they will be rewarded handsomely having a jump as well as a higher sustained price tag level going forward.Biotechman estimates a conservative 35 numerous (as a result of July 2007 corporation guidance of 35% rev growth) occasions $5.75 (EPS est for 2008) to come to a $201.25 one year cost target (as of ests. now, if they beat handily then you have to enhance http://xn--cckerh7cvi9gta7dec.classificats-catala.com/ these numbers). What am I suppose to say, that is what the math says.Technically, I do see an inverted head and shoulders within the short term because the start off with the new year which points to a brief term target of $140 as a result of the length on the neckline to the bottom on the head on Feb. 7th.